Friday, July 31, 2009

Quantity vs. Quality

Part of the reason for this blog is to test my theories on drawing. Here is the first one.

Quantity is more important than Quality.

Let me qualify this statement by saying that as long as you are learning from your mistakes, and focusing on your weaknesses, you will be better off by doing more drawings.

Sure - I have seen a lot of sketchbooks filled with bad drawings (including a few of my own. ha ha), but it's probably fair to say they were done by folks who weren't really paying attention to their mistakes. They were having fun, but didn't really think about what they were doing.

My first goal is to draw a lot. Then when mistakes happen - try and notice them so that I don't repeat them again. At least, not too often. In order to make the most of the 1 hour drawing sessions, I don't plan to erase too much or try and correct too much. Rather I hope to draw as much as possible, using the principles of construction. Then, the next time I draw a similar subject, try and avoid doing the same errors I did on previous sessions.

By following this process, I hope to achieve quality through quantity.

Quantity First.
Quality 2ND.

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