Monday, August 17, 2009

1st Day Images.

I was expecting to be rusty, but I really felt it when I went to do todays Book Sketching. Being the first day, I decided to take some pictures showing the progress.

The book I sketched from is Alim Le Tanneur #1. It's a french graphic novel. The page I chose was quite ambitious, possibly too ambitious for the first day. As you can see, I didn't get to finish stage 3 which is the detail stage.

What I learned today -was that I need to work on stage 2 a bit more. looking at stage 1 gesture, versus stage two (volumes/construction) - I need to spend longer on this stage. I spent roughly 10-12 minutes on stage 1. roughly 15-20 minutes on stage 2 and the rest of the time on stage 3.

Tommorow I hope to make stage 2 a bit more of the focus, while still trying to get farther with stage 3. We'll see what happens. At any rate -the entire book sketching process is built around the idea that you get good the more you draw. Hopefully, after a month -there will be improvement. after 2 months, more so and so on.


  1. Cool stuff. Is there a book or another reference you'd recommend on "construction drawing"?

  2. Thanks for starting this blog. I'm also trying to get back into some serious drawing after a long hiatus. Very interesting to see your method and process. Looking forward to how things come along.

  3. hi Bryce,

    there are a number of great books out there. Personally I love the Villpu Drawing Manual, as well as Drawing the Marvel Way by John Buscema. Both explain the method in different ways -and both have tons of drawings.