Friday, August 21, 2009

Day 5 - more vampires

Found my old blue pencils (col-erase) and so decided to give them a try. I think I went a bit over 1 hour today. Didn't do a great job timing it, but it seemed a bit longer. Time passes by when you're having fun.

So this is the end of the first week. I will be off this blog for 1 week. back with new stuff August 31st. The next week will be crazy as we price, pack and prepare for the local comic/anime/horror convention.

My experience so far has been real positive. I really enjoyed myself. I know the art isn't so hot -but part of the philosophy behind this blog is to work out the 10,000 bad drawings within all of us, so I can get to the good drawings. Ha Ha.


  1. So this is the blog sketching site you've been telling me about. I had some trouble locating it which is weird, though I'm somewhat computer savvy I seem to have difficulty with using blog sites O_o.

    You like working with drawing comics huh; I felt doing something like comics is very good for drawing. Doing a comic takes many drawings and incorporates many different principals important to this type of art work.

    I was going to post some tutorials on doing this kind of work, but currently in the midst of revising some of my old stuff.

  2. hi Eptigo,

    I love drawing period. I like cartoony stuff, but am attracted to all sorts of art. Comics are challeging and also offer a lot of stuff to draw. It's also a hell of a lot of fun. I know I said this a bunch of times, but since I get to pick what I am drawing from, I love the experience. With life drawing, you can't count on liking the model. with a book of your own choosing, the model is perfect. ha ha.