Saturday, October 10, 2009

Book Sketching Day 32 - Volunteer Some More

After 3 days on this book, I have to say I am super impressed by the way the artist (Benoit Springer) lays out a page. He sets up scenes in a location, and then proceeds to move the camera around that location, much the way a camera man might. Each angle hooks up to the next, in terms of object placements and character placements. I wouldn't be surprised if he maps out each location in advance.

The locations aren't super complicated, but he manages to maintain a consistent location regardless of the angle he uses.

Another observation worth noting is the way he likes to cut off characters. Look at the 2ND row -3rd panel. In the actual comic page -he cuts off a characters face with a word balloon. This is intentional. You can see there is room to move the word balloon over -but he purposely put it over top the characters face. I drew it in (since I don't put the balloons in.) Note - in French comics, the artist draws in the balloons on the actual art. It's not added in at a later stage the way its done on American comics.

You will see this occur again in tomorrows page. Although I haven't done it yet - I picked out the next page to draw and you will see he employs this technique again.

Besides consistency, I am also enjoying the amazing compositions Springer uses in each panel. The focus in each panel is always clear. His cutting off of characters works to support the focus of each 'shot'.

see you tomorrow.

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  1. Wow - you have no idea how much youhave just helped me get back in the habit of drawing - how could I forget that this was how I learned to draw in the first place? With all that I have to do right now I am so energy and time constrained to get practice in and this just gave me the exercise I needed to get my skills back up to par! And portable too! I can shove one of my favorite books in with my sketch stuff and can do this on my break time - Thanks so much for the inspiration!