Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day 28 + 28.5 More Rockwell

Another night without the camera - had to take the photos after I finished these, but FYI: the last 3 drawings shown took about 1 hour, and the first drawing (circus image) took about 30 minutes with all stages done. This goes to explain the post heading of 28 and 28.5. Tomorrow night I will likely spend 30 minutes to complete day 29 -before moving to post 30.

Working from Rockwell continues to be a challenge and definitely trying to capture the subtleties of his paintings isn't happening for me yet. ha ha. No doubt, it will be a long time before this happens, but the drawings are so cool to work from, it really doesn't matter too much. The process is really the fun part.

Tonight my wife asked me if doing this for almost a month now, I see any improvement. The answer is yes and no. Yes - in that I am more confident in my approach and no because the more I do, the more I realize I need to learn. As I move from artist to artist, and image to image - it becomes clear that some drawings come easier than others -so that the only real constant improvement is in the refining of the process I am using.

I started something new during stage 1( the gestured stage) tonight. I am trying not to lift the pencil off the page too much (if at all as i work through the gesture.) In the past I was putting in one line for the overall pose, and then adding demarcation lines for the shoulders and hips and finally roughing in lines for the arms and legs.

Now, I am still doing this, but it's all done with one continuous line, as I move through the figure Tomorrow I promise to get in some photos of all the stages and hopefully make this a lot clearer to anyone out there that might be curious about this.

In stage 2 I am also moving towards slightly more organic shapes for the chest and pelvis areas. Images will follow in tomorrows posting.

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  1. lol, the Norman Rockwell picture with the doctor and the kid with the doll is one of my favorite pictures. my family doctor has that picture posted up in their clinic and seeing it gives me a ... melancholy feeling