Friday, October 2, 2009

Day 29 Rockwell around the clock


  1. looking good as always, this is the kind of work i dont do enough of. a while back i heard a story of a person that attempted to apply to animation school and put copies of alex ross's work inside their portfolio (of all people alex ross !?!?!?!?)

    needless to say they didnt get in

  2. hey, if your bringing stuff to seneca, do you think you can bring
    some books on drawing things like layouts, scenes, perspectives, rooms, etc
    also if there is a tradepaperback book of ultimatum id be keen on that too

    Re: (to dan &/or wife)

    also a while back i made a comment to you guys about taking it easy, (to dan &/or wife)
    but i was only joking around, i joke around with other people like that all the time
    and have some comprehension of how hard you guys work;
    i admire it, your hard work with the labrynth, find it somewhat inspiring and can understand
    how frustrating it can be to bust your butt and be told that your lazy and taking it easy
    i apologize if it was upsetting in any way/shape/form.

    how are the kids? i trust they're healthy

  3. thanks for the comments. I wish I could take credit for the drawings, but they are only a shadow of what Rockwell did and even that is thanks to the fact that I am copying his work here.

    No worries about calling us lazy. I need to spend more time figuring out how to be more lazy. Lazy people figure out ways to accomplish more with less effort. That's actually a great goal. Actually - Book sketching would work better at 8 hours a day, but I only have 1 hour per day, that's why I am tackling volume first, then quality and eventually more complicated stuff.


  4. re: ultimatum - 2 new volumes came out this week, the main book and a companion type book. The main book features David Finch, a truly great guy, wonderful artist and a Canadian!