Sunday, September 6, 2009


Final Sky Doll for the week. Tomorrow something else.

Last night I showed some of the pages here on the blog to a young artist at the shop and he was surprised how big they were. I am using 11 inch by 17 inch photocopy paper. It's 2 times as big as regular notebook paper. Drawing Big is much much easier and I highly recommend it.

The first 2 stages for this page were fairy fast, as most of the shots were close ups. As you can see after 2 weeks of this, the drawings continue to be very loose. I am not going for polish or finished looks. I am just interested in the process of building the drawings from the ground up.

Being such a 'simple' page, with a lot of close ups - I ended up drawing some of the details in stage 2. Well - I didn't draw them completely, but in quite a few spots I roughed in eyes, mouths, etc..

Looking over the page now that its done - I wish I had made a bit more effort to solidify some of the forms in the final stage. For example -in the first panel - Sky Doll's colar is loosely drawn in. I wish I spent more time getting the elipse perfect and making it feel like it was going around her neck.

On the 3rd row, first panel - i should have done a better job with the panel right shoulder. It looks like some mass/volume was lost there. His fingers while drawn, could also have been better defined.

Clearly -lots more to learn..

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