Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day 7 - Skydoll

2nd day working from Sky Doll. Finding the overall process much more comfortable, but the new blue pencil could have been sharper. ha ha. Looking forward to tomorrow.


  1. looking good mate, I've come to admire your work. not just your art work but all of your work with the labyrinth and everything else.

    It's somewhat motivating keep it up ^^(for my sake lol)

  2. thanks. as you know - the art I am doing here is not something that I would normally share. I am only doing this publically to keep the pressure on me. When you go to work for someone there is pressure to produce. When you go to school there is pressure to produce. When you are doing something on your own, the pressure isn't really there. The blog is a huge help in that regard.

    I am still crazy tired from last week - getting about 4-5 or so hours of sleep daily for about 2 weeks now. Having the blog - motivates me to keep the drawing up even though I am super tired and have tons of other things to do. ha ha.