Monday, September 7, 2009

Day 12 - deadpool spider-man captain america hulk

Todays drawings were done at the shop. Drawing in between of helping customers meant that keeping track of time went out the window, but my guess is about 20-25 minutes each including all parts. I actually drew the gesture (line of action) image last night before heading to bed, but the rest of the stuff was drawn on the counter at the shop. That's why there's no process photos for the 2nd stage in the first drawing or 1st/2nd stages in the 2nd drawings.

Still working from the Marvel Previews which is a ton of fun. Lot's more left in there to look at and draw from. Really looking forward to the rest of the week.

The 2nd image was completed with the brush pen. I included it in the photo so you can see what it is.

I was a bit dissatisfied drawing the hulk in the first image. his left arm (page right) feels like a mess. Will try and complete similar images, off the page in the future. Right now, it feels unconnected, and lacking correct anatomy (especially the shoulder). his legs could have been better drawn too, now that i am looking at it. ha ha.

One cause, might be due to the fact that the hand is cut off. At any rate, the process of drawing it was fun, even if the final result leaves stuff to be desired. In fact, If anyone is reading this - I would like to stress, it's all about the process.

While working on the first image, I was impressed to find 4 characters in the shot. At first glance when I looked at the catlog I only saw Captain America and Hulk, but as I went through it there was the wasp and some other cool female character that I missed. It goes to show, that its worth paying attention. ha ha.

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