Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day 9 - Sky Doll Continued

Found another brush pen, but its not much better. Will have to go shopping soon.

One of the things I found frustrating tonight and for several nights is the size of the drawings I am doing. I am working off of Sky doll -a French BD, but the size I am drawing at is more akin to north American original comic art size. In France, the original art is on larger paper. I am not blaming the paper for my difficulties, only stating that I probably should use bigger paper if I continue with French books. It's tough fitting all the characters into the panels while getting some of the details right.

Once again, as I was drawing stage 1 the gesture stage - I had the urge to put in Shapes for the fat character rather than a basic gesture skeleton. For Some reason it felt natural and this may be come more routine for me going forward. My sense is that some art is shape based, and some is gesture based, and I think the distinction can be made based on the design of the character.

In both cases, its important to consider the action so that the pose is not too stiff. When it comes to shape based characters however (ex. fat characters, or very stylized characters such as spongebob squarepants etc - I think that its important to play with the forms (stretch/bend) in order to get a more dynamic image. On the other hand, skinnier or regular type characters are more easily manipulated with curves and opposing angles at the hips and shoulders. A good compromise, might be to use a single gesture line followed by dynamic forms for shape based characters rather than a skeletal type gesture. If this makes no sense, it's because it's super late. ha ha.

A note about the photos above. I am trying to post one image for each stage. In the earlier blog entries - I took close ups of the pages for each stage. Not sure if this is needed, so I stopped doing it. If anyone out there, feels they are missing something and would like me to go back to close up images, let me know. If you click on the images, they seem to be pretty large files - which is why I reduced the number of images posted here.

Tomorrow will be the last day for Sky Doll for a while. Next week, something new.

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