Friday, September 18, 2009

day 20 - fantastic four

Tonight I did the 1 hour spread out over the whole day. Somewhere in there - I forgot to photograph stage two (volumes). It's been a busy day to say the least. Next few weeks will be equally crazy, so keeping up with this will be a serious challenge.

In the final stage I started drawing with the ebony pencil -but as you can see in the photo (last photo top left corner) -its quite tiny now and I was losing grip. ha ha. So I decided to go back to the brush -and am very glad I did.

Mike Wieringo's work continues to challenge me. I may try and sketch from it again next week -but it's too soon to know for sure.

With every new artist that I work from, I feel like I am starting from scratch again. Especially at stage 3 and it leads me to doubt if I am getting anywhere. Still, I know this is part of the learning process, and if it was easy, there would be almost no point doing it. For those who don't know my personal drawing style -its waaay more caroony. Far less super-hero-y. So Drawing from comics is really exciting, even though I have a lot to learn still.

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