Wednesday, September 23, 2009

day 21 & 22: Danger Girl

Today I am posting 2 days worth of drawing since last night I was just too dead to finish the first page. I did about half an hour last night -and so today I finished off that page and did the 2ND day of Danger Girl.

I also want to apologize for the fuzzy images. Something is up with my camera - and I haven't had time to work it out, but rest assured it's bothering me so I will eventually fix it.

I hate to say it -but out of all the comics I drew from so far, this one is hands down the most fun. I think the campy nature of it has a lot to do with it.

One of the many challenges I found working here was trying to deal with the stylized proportions. These girls have crazy hips and legs. The Anatomy may not be accurate, but it is fun to draw. I also love the way Campbell draws noses, eyes and eyebrows. He does fantastic hair too -and hopefully as I explore Danger Girl more - I can discover some tricks in these areas and pick up on the design specifics.

For these two pages, I stayed loose with the hair - not trying to match exactly, but tomorrow I will try and pay more attention. One thing that I did try and do was break up the hair into a few chunks, rather than focus on each strand of hair individually. I know I didn't succeed 100%, but I feel that I am on the right track with that.

Another thing I discovered while working on these pages is the use of the right tools. For stage 1 I used an 'H' pencil. For those that don't know - H - is a hard lead, so that you get a very light line. It allowed me to draw forcefully without worrying that my drawing would become to dark. In areas of stage 2 where there was overlap - It did get a bit messy, but I tried to focus on one form at a time to overcome this.

You can see what I am talking about in the 2ND page - 1st panel where the girls left arm comes out of the side of her shoulder. I used a cube for the chest/back and cylinders for the arms. the arm cylinder overlaps the cube which makes it kind of messy - but this is ultimately solved in stage 3 when i cleaned it up.

When I got to stage 3, I switched to an Ebony pencil (that's a brand name) that is much softer (perhaps the equivalent of a 2b or 6b pencil) which meant that I was able to get a much darker line that easily stood out above the H pencil drawing underneath.

A final problem I had tonight was with the shape of the girl's face in the 2ND page - especially the proportion of the jaw. This is something I hope to work out better in stage 2 tomorrow.

See ya tomorrow with more Danger Girl.


  1. Keep it up Man. It's looking sweet. Can't wait to see the new one you said you had to finish.

  2. hi Cristian,

    thanks for the kind words. the 2nd one is actually the first one in this posting. i started one two days ago -but finished it yesturday. then i started and finished another one yesturday -for a total of two. ha ha.