Sunday, September 6, 2009

day11 - marvel previews

This week I will be working off the Marvel previews catalog. For those who don't know what it is -its the catalog that Marvel puts out for upcoming releases. This one is for November 2009 titles and as usual features tons of cover art. These cost 99 cents - and are worth every penny.

The best thing about working today was the size of the drawings. I kept to 11 x 17 paper - so that each image was huge compared to the small panels I was doing over the past week. As I mentioned in the last posting, working larger is way easier and felt far less constraining. Basically, I didn't feel crammed as I moved from stage to stage. There was enough room to put in details, and work out shapes.

First off I did Iron Man - in total, all 3 stages took about 10 minutes. Great pose, a lot of fun to copy. Screwed up the proportion on the hands/gloves. Tried to focus on the ellipses around the gloves, waist, neck line,etc.. for this drawing. Can't say I succeeded, but at least I was conscious of it. Also noticing that for stage 2 I am not exactly doing simple geometric shapes -but I think that's OK. As long as I am thinking about them as I work. Really what I am trying to do at this stage is put in shapes that describe the final image without going too detailed. I also try and think how the shapes connect in 3d space.

2ND image is from Skottie Young's upcoming Wizard of Oz Sequel. I did stage 2 -shapes/volumes, but for some reason didn't get loaded onto my computer. I will try and add it back in tomorrow. Overall, a ton of fun. Noticing that I need to take a bit more care to compose the shot. Each Character on their own is alright, but their relationship to one another on the page is off. The characters should have been closer together. Total time for the wizard image was about 20 minutes for all 3 stages. Simple characters - but definitely well designed by Skottie. More time would have been needed to give this image true justice.

For the last image, i started by drawing a box on the page and from there I blocked in the gesture. I drew the box, because I was afraid I would draw too large and go run off the page. Creating this 'fake boundary' allows room to go bigger without falling off the page. This is a trick we were taught at animation school in life drawing. If you find you're one of those folks that often runs out of room as you draw - put in a bounding box to start and try and work within it. As with the 2ND image (wizard of oz) the relationship of the two characters is slightly off here too. Ms.Marvel is a tad high. Still -not going for perfection, so will work on getting better at this next time. I tried my best to make connect the dots and make it work but it certainly has lost some of the energy the original has by splitting the two characters the way I did. Again, something to keep in mind for the future.

For stage 3 I decided to go with the brush pen. I went to the art store and picked up some new pens yesterday. Its a Steadler two ended pen. one side has a hard marker and the other side has a brush tip marker. You can see I screwed up Spider man's knee. Will try and pay more attention to this next time around.

Overall - more fun then ever. The variety was awesome and I know this week will go by way to quick. The Catalog is full of tons more amazing images that I can't wait to tackle.


  1. Very Cool.
    What did you use to (Spider-man) ink the last one????

  2. hi Rodney,

    I described the pen in the text. ha ha.

    but I will try and include a picture of it with an upcoming post.

  3. Sorry....... : )
    I usually stop by the blogs while at work
    to get a little motivation and sometimes I
    do not have time to read the words only the
    images : )
    KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! "O" and thanks for
    the image with the pen in the newest post.